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HELLO 2018!

Making this year about travel, great music and helping others!

There comes a point on the journey as an artist that suddenly the bigger picture overwhelms and quells the daily noise and distractions. And so with this new year I wish you adventure, bliss, the courage to take new chances, and the insistence of making the soundtrack of your life as awesome as possible. 

This year welcome's a new digital release of meditations and sleep hypnosis:


Michelle Hotaling in "A Touch of  Love" and Vietnam

Such an honour to book the role of a mother in "A Touch of Love," a poetic mother's letter to her preemie. 

And for travel adventure #1 of this year, I made it to Vietnam, the source of some of the most painfully authentic music and films of the 20th Century. The people and the country lived beyond my hopes in breadth of beauty and welcoming kindness.

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