Michelle Hotaling in "A Touch of Love" Commercial!

Teaming up with March of Dimes, Pampers released this heartfelt commercial, which Michelle had a great opportunity to be a part of.

Check out Michelle's Sanctuary!

Michelle's Sanctuary is taking off! This project is near and dear to my heart, having experienced success with overcoming insomnia and manifesting some amazing opportunities, it is so great to watch this channel grow and have a positive effect on others.

Live Recording "I Think It's Gonna Rain Today"

As it has been too long since I’ve entertained you all live, a fine glass of Scotch (okay maybe not the finest, Mr. Johnny Walker Red), a gloomy Spring day, and a weekend of solitude led me to record this Randy Newman ditty. This is the first song I ever put effort in recording at the age of 9 or 10 on my cassette player in the bathroom, where the voice in my head had yet to match the voice coming out of my mouth.