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Michelle Hotaling (pronounced Ho-TAL-ing) was born and raised in an equally difficult-to-pronounce town near Woodstock, NY. At the age of 8 she found her calling upon discovering Bette Midler. At 17, she relocated to Manhattan and became a diehard Bette Midler groupie with a fellow Bette-head and later chronicled their
journey in the published memoir, Bette or Bust.



At 19, graduating college, she relocated to LA and appeared in bit parts in highly forgettable films and TV shows. She came back to the center of the universe, Manhattan, and focused on music as a singer-songwriter conjuring the sounds of Stevie Nicks, Carly Simon, and Laura Nyro thanks to the enterprising musical genius of her producer and bandmate, Scott Slater. 


In 2007, Michelle released her first album "Chained by Dreams," and signed a publishing deal with Lovecat Music. Thanks to romantic involvements with insensitive men, she had enough heartache to follow-up with her bittersweet EP, 
Sweet Clarity. After touring, and some more interesting roles in film, tv, and commercials, Michelle plugged into
her true inspiration and formed duo, Mirabelle, releasing an ethereal, electronic musical homage to Stevie Nicks, 
entitled Crystal Revisions.


In 2013, collaborating with the brilliant Giuseppe D., Michelle released the pop single "Yesterdreams" (because it does all come back to dreams, doesn't it?). 

Currently, Michelle is set to return to the studio with new songs and is working on a project "Screw Ageism" that follows inspiring individuals who defy ageism. She is a yoga/ Pilates enthusiast, who in her spare time may be found running in the sand with her long-haired chihuahua, baking bread, volunteering with remarkably sharp and savvy seniors and kids, and traveling the globe with rewards she's managed to squeeze out of credit card rewards. Recently launching, "Michelle's Sanctuary," this up and coming YouTube Channel focuses on guided meditations and sleep hypnosis to overcome insomnia and manifest abundance, Michelle still aspires to rock out with Stevie Nicks one day. 

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